About me and how I got started!

When I was a few months old my parents started what would end up being a lifelong career
as caretakers for a variety of apartment buildings throughout the Island of Montreal. For the next 30 or so years, I learned, listened and watched my parents in action.

After completing high school I had to make a decision , go to college or get a job.
I decided to find a job and for the next 5 years, I dabbled in transport, initially working for someone and then, opening my own registered company, moving appliances for many local building owners and property managers.

I enjoyed this business and it also helped me gain knowledge, other than that of the caretaking business.

As I got to know the city, steadily building a network with many building owners/property managers and janitors, I just wasn’t sure that transportation would be something that I could dedicate myself wholeheartedly to , however, I did know, that I did not want to work in a building as a building manager, as my parents did their entire lives.

When the transportation industry no longer interested me, I quickly switched gears and jumped into the renovation business, working alongside many property managers.

After a very short while, I realized that doing renovations just wasn’t enough of a challenge, so I decided to re-invent myself, with much encouragement from my wife Crystal, and proudly got my real estate license through Lasalle College.

Once I acquired my license, by year 2, I had sold over 50 houses and I realized that many of my clients were willing and more than ready to purchase properties, but had no desire to manage them. I quickly moved into commercial property management with a prominent investment company in Montreal, which also led me to a meeting with a few investors who dealt with the residential side of the business.

I was hooked, I had finally found my niche and real estate had become a passion for me. As a first investment, I decided to purchase my own properties, affording me the opportunity to make money, while having fun, working in the industry that I loved.

Over the last 4 years, my once clients have become my partners and now, I own a piece of some major real estate in the South Shore of Montreal, as well as Laval and Lachute.

A typical day for me includes tenant relations, apartment rentals, repair planning, project management and, of course, managing properties for my investors and myself, as well as for some major players in the industry.