Why should I work with a real estate agent?

1. Can help you determine your needs, including the financial aspects of a transaction. While the down payment and mortgage are certainly major factors to consider, there are a variety of smaller amounts that will need to be paid out during the process and a real estate agent can help you navigate them;

2. Can help ensure that you have all the necessary paperwork you will need – and can direct you as to how to obtain any missing documents;

3. Can ask the tough questions and get honest answers;

4. They have access to a network of listings and can do the necessary research to find you the perfect property or the perfect buyer.

5. Will work to ensure that your best interests are served.

What is an Open House?

An agent will often suggest hosting an Open House. At an agreed time and date, your property will be open for visits by potential buyers. Your agent hosts this event and will be in your property to receive all visitors. This gives buyers the opportunity to view the property and ask questions. The agent will engage the visitors in order to tell them about the merits of buying your property and answer any questions.

What can I do to make my property more attractive?

1. The exterior appearance of your home is “the first impression” that you give any potential buyer. An inviting exterior will be intriguing enough for buyers to “want to know more”. Your property should be clean, the lawn should be well maintained and any repairs or touch ups to the exterior house should be taken care, prior to listing your property;

2. Of course, the interior is equally important and every room, especially the bathroom(s) and kitchen should be spotless. The entire house should be without clutter. Its always a good idea to put up those special touches, such as picture frames on the wall, a nice vase of flowers to give the home that extra touch. You want any potential buyer to feel immediately “at home” when they enter your home.

Are there any interesting municipal, provincial or federal programs available for first time home owners in Montreal?

The City of Montreal offers a program for first time home owners. More information can be found at

The Canadian government also offers some interesting information and this can be found at http://www.servicecanada.gc.ca/eng/lifeevents/buying_a_home.shtml

What are the costs usually associated with the purchase of a property in Montreal?

There are three:

The first is the property inspector’s fee, which can range from $300-$600 depending on the size of the property.

Typically, you will be responsible for paying:

– The inspector fee;
– The notary fee;
– The “Welcome Tax”

What is “the Welcome Tax”?

The Welcome Tax is payable to the City on any immovable property that is purchased. You can find more information here: