I have worked with Gordon over the last 7 months and found him to be extremely
honest and hard working.
Gordon was able to handle my clients buildings very professionally and with the
proper diligence. His ability to organize, consolidate and manage the properties
under his direction was impressive.
Anyone who has rental building units would be well advised to use Gordon’s
services on an ongoing basis.

Stephen Sztern

Gordon Johnston has worked with our group for several years. He is very good at negotiation and bringing deals to a close. This is not merely a metter of hard work rather it is a talent he has in dealing with people in selling situations.

The Montcom Group Ltd
Norm Gordon

I’ve had the pleasure of taking advantage of Gordon
Johnston’s services on several occasions now. I felt
the need to write this letter, because my experience with
Gordon has been nothing less than extraordinary.

At a time when it has been extremely difficult to find honest,
hardworking and competent people to execute for me, I have
been lucky in finding Gordon. As a broker, he has
delivered for me in many ways. He has worked extremely
hard for me and has been truly interested in servicing MY
needs. Gordon listened closely when I explained what I
needed and then he did everything in his power to deliver;
in fact, he over-delivered.

Gordon is honest to a fault, he is very knowledgeable in all areas of
real estate, he’s an excellent communicator, and he deeply understands the psychology and intricacies of
negotiation. When Gordon is working for me, I truly feel I
have a strong ally in my corner, one that will increase the
propensity of success a hundredfold. Gordon is a rare
breed and I can honestly say, I would go to war with this

Robert Luxenberg
BDS Investments

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